Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you shifted to so many kinds of diets already? But your body just got worn out even more from losing and gaining weight again and again? Now, let me talk about this trending Ketogenic Diet that has been the talk of diet enthusiasts over the past decades.

In a nutshell, this diet plan comprises a low-carb, low-to-moderate protein, and high-fat diet. Ketosis is the primary goal of this diet in which it is a state where fats serve as the fundamental source of calories to sustain your body rather than the normal carbs.

What makes Keto diet advantageous is that the fats you eat will satiate your body from craving foods from time to time. But of course, you have to be sure to eat healthly fats only! Fact check, it’s not just an opinion from nowhere. It’s been well-supported by previous researches conducted on people who have proven and tested the weight loss reliability of the Keto diet. Hence, it further shows that people undergoing a ketogenic diet have a better result in weight loss, proving that a low-carb diet seems more effective than that of a low-fat diet.

If you are not that keen on following the keto diet, another option could be using supplements such as ketosis products that can drive ketone production on a cellular level. It can lead to natural ketone production in your body, further allowing you dietary freedom. Though, it can be recommended to visit your doctor before taking supplements or following any dietary plan.

Another thing to be aware of is that if you are attempting to lose a lot of weight then you need to be prepared for excess skin falling on your body from where the fat used to be stored. However, this is no reason to not lose weight as all you need to do is visit a doctor like David Shokrian for a simple skin removal procedure that will help you to become the best version of yourself.

So how does a ketogenic diet contribute to your weight loss?

It boosts metabolism

Part of the primary works of the keto diet is that as your body utilizes fat, it drastically increases your metabolism. The reduced intake of carbs pushes your body to use the fats and proteins you eat, turning them into energy. It occurs during the ketosis process.

It reduces appetite

Because of the high percentage of fats you eat, it keeps away your hormones from stimulating hunger fast.

It burns fat faster

Because your body doesn’t take enough carbohydrates like normal to use it as your main source of energy, it stimulates itself to use the highest food intake available, which is fat, eventually breaking it down and turning it into energy. The work also shares with the proteins you eat. According to some studies, the burning of fats happens during your daily activities, while exercising, and when you are at rest.

It maintains and improves energy levels

Don’t worry. This diet isn’t just all about reducing fats and achieving a ‘slimmer body.’ It does a good job on the inside because your body becomes a fat-burning machine and simultaneously boosts your energy level. The set of foods you take serves as a good factor for the build-up of your muscle strengths.

It sensitizes insulin levels

Lowering insulin levels in your body is the result of the blood sugar that has broken down from food nutrients under your keto diet. It thus contributes to the utilization of produced fuels as well as the metabolism of your body. Some people also use products like cannabis to help regulate their insulin levels and calorie intake in their bodies. In addition, they tend to use things like bongs from websites like in order to make the experience more enjoyable and get the maximum benefit and effects from the marijuana.

If you are not experienced in taking cannabis then you may feel a little daunted by this solution to insulin levels. Therefore, a lot of people choose to listen to things like a Cannabis Podcast to get more education on taking weed and how it can help them. It also gives advice on how much you should take and a variety of other informational tips.

It decreases fat storage

Because your body does not have enough carbohydrates anymore and uses fats much as the main source of energy, your body does not anymore have room to store fats longer and will not have a chance to turn carbs into fats as there is no excess of it.

Of course, all these can be achieved if you:

First, give thorough attention to the foods you take, including the manner of handling and maintaining them. For example, do not stick to one kind of food that is rich in fat or protein. You can always experiment by trying foods that you don’t normally eat. That way, you can also maximize the nutrients you take while regulating your ketogenic diet. Remember, the only foods you have to avoid are those high in carbs. You have to sacrifice first your love for alcoholic drinks and sweets!

Second, you have to practice rigid self-discipline, not just maintaining your body healthy physically, but it should come together with mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It takes a lot of strength, but I assure you, the results will be evident outside and inside of you.

Third, TAKE THIS DIET MODERATELY! While pursuing weight loss and hoping for the best results, you have to take note of the worst of the worst that may come along during this process. Stop it if you think that you might reach a point that will harm your body.

Lastly, if you’re still in doubt, consult a reliable expert to help you find a suitable diet plan for you. There is no harm in asking, right?

I’m here wishing you a fitter and healthier body in the future!

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