A little extra income is something we all crave, and we don’t want to quit our jobs to run a business. Only a few hours are enough for us to run a part-time business, right? Unless the job is very engaging, having a side hustle is always a good idea. However, not every business is suitable as a side hustle. Many of us out here have tried to run businesses as part-time enterprises, but it never worked. That is perhaps because we did not have a practical business idea that would work in those circumstances. Irrespective of the nature of our jobs, the following business ideas can work well as a side hustle.


Online Writing

I do this, and I would put it on top of any list because I know what it involves and what it can put on the table. I have never come across such a convenient and flexible business idea as this one. Now, while there are people who write on a full-time basis, most online writers do the trade part-time, and it pays. There are many things to write, including web content, blog posts, and press releases. All we need to do is to find a website that needs writers, sign up with it, and start writing. Most sites require us to do a test, which usually involves answering basic grammar questions, completing a sample article, or both.


Online Tutoring

This is yet another part-time business that can earn us some excellent extra income. The qualifications of online tutoring vary from one platform to another. However, most sites require applicants to prove educational and professional qualifications, such as a degree or diploma certificate. One of my friends works as a tutor on an American education website known as Course Hero on a part-time basis, and so far, so good.


Web Development

With a website being a must-have for most, if not all, businesses today, the demand for web developers has never been higher. Thus, if we have the right skill, we can spare a few hours a day to make some good cash. Besides, there are many free online tools we can use to build a website. We can take advantage of these options. With a few premium tools, they can help us come up with decent websites for customers. I advise those of us who want to give this trade a shot but don’t have the skill to enroll in web design classes, which are also available online. Once we have the knowledge and skills, designing a website is an easy task and an excellent part-time business.


Online Marketing

With the internet, we can market businesses from the comfort of our homes as long as we have the right equipment. Let’s get out there and approach companies that need to be marketed. We can as well find our customers online, especially on social media. Once we successfully market a few businesses, we can be sure of repeat business and referrals. A great way to earn a decent extra income without sacrificing the bulk of our time!


Running a Blog

A successful blog will definitely make us good money. A useful starting point is to identify a profitable niche and design our blog around that. Once we have the blog up and running, we can write high-quality content, which will boost its traffic. Just in case we don’t have enough time to write the articles by ourselves, we can take advantage of content writers. What next from there? Blog monetization, and we have many ways to choose from, including paid advertisements and affiliate marketing.

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