If we’re looking for some ways on how to improve our home while making sure that energy is efficient, then it is always good to explore how to make it right while thinking about our primary objective – to save energy at home. Below are some of the home improvement ways and tips to begin saving energy at home:

  1. Make use of an energy-saving lamp instead of using an incandescent lamp. Those energy star light bulbs like CFLs utilize seventy-five percent less energy compared to those traditional bulbs.
  2. Regularly use a company like can be found at https://valleyservice.net/fargo-services/air-conditioner to check the cooling and heating system. This can include the air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace as if these happen to malfunction or stop working efficiently, you will quickly see your bills rack up. another thing you can do is be sure to seal all the air ducts properly. Those leaky ducts can provide less efficiency to our cooling and heating systems. Although using an air source heat pump split system, or whatever you have in your home, is saving energy in the long run, if it isn’t sealed properly the leaking could cause major energy bills. Thus, you will end up having a higher utility bill. With this simple tip, we can somehow save at least 20% of energy.
  3. Buy and install a programmable thermostat. It will help us to automatically make some adjustments to the temperature at home, especially when we are away.
  4. If we are in the market to find replacement windows, then we should install an Energy star branded type of window. This type will help us to lower our utility bills.
  5. When it is time to change our washing machine, whether we’re looking for a midea front load washing machine or a top load, let’s choose a type that is Energy star model compliant. We can save 70% less energy and utilize 50% or less water. Let’s consider washing our clothes with some cold water.
  6. Use some blinds, curtains, and drapes because these help us save money and energy. During the winter season, we may open the drapes, curtains, and blinds every morning so that the sunlight will come in. Then, close them during the evening to keep warm air inside our house.
  7. Do some landscaping at home because this may also save energy while providing a good-looking ambiance. Trees and shrubs in specific locations can also protect our home from the firm winter winds. These may also hinder the hot summer sun as well.
  8. Let’s also consider installing a system that takes advantage of renewable energy. Wind or solar energy can help us reduce our utility bills.

With these simple home improvement tips that were mentioned above, we can save energy costs while upgrading or maintaining the beautiful appearance of our home.

Energy Saving Tips for HVAC During Summer

The cost of energy during summer is skyrocketing. Switching to a solar-powered electricity supply company that also incorporates smart-meter might be more beneficial. With solar power, you can get the lowest cost electricity in sydney (or where you live). Besides that, you can reduce utility costs and energy consumption using the suggested tips below:

  • Insulate – Proper insulation helps us to reduce the volume of heat which enters our house from outside. If we have a well-insulated home, then there will be less energy that is being consumed battling the heat inside our home.
  • Properly seal air leaks – A properly sealed home lessens the volume of warm air which leaks into our home from the outside. Also, in a tightly sealed house, there is less energy consumption.
  • Utilize swamp cooler – This provides cooling through evaporating water into the air. Furthermore, it uses less energy compared to those traditional air conditioners. We may also opt to open windows once using them.
  • Use a programmable thermostat – We may also set up a programmable thermostat based on the scheduled time. We may opt to run the air conditioner once we are home.
  • Clean or change filters if necessary – Clean filters may enhance the efficiency and airflow of the air conditioning equipment at home. That’s why it would be better to clean the filters of the air conditioners at home to improve their efficiency and performance level. Remove the dust and anything that may obstruct the airflow from the air conditioning equipment.
  • Use an attic fan – Attics may reach temperatures up to 160-degree Fahrenheit during summer. If this happens, the heat from our attic leaks to our living spaces in our house, resulting in the cooling equipment working harder. With the use of an attic fan, it removes warm or hot air from the attic and changes it with the cooler air from outside. This may result in lowering the temperature around 15 to degrees Fahrenheit. Nowadays, solar attic fans are developed to give ventilation to our attic while we’re not utilizing electricity.

So, during summer days, we can adopt the above-mentioned tips to save energy at home while improving our home for the future.

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