It may be hard to gauge people’s level of fitness if they want to know how healthy they are or if a person is beginning a new workout routine. Every person’s fitness level is different and personalized according to aspects in a variety of different sets, including muscular fitness, aerobic fitness, body composition, and flexibility. Fitness is on how long or fast a person can run, how much weight a person can lift, or what the body looks like when wearing a bathing suit. All this can be helped by many different things like diet and supplements such as Magnak which always get the best results when focused alongside fitness. Fitness itself will not bring results unless what goes into a person’s body is being controlled as well. So, for those who want to be aware and understand how healthy and fit they are, they need to gauge their level of fitness with different tests including:

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

The rate of resting heart can be a simple, good indication of the overall level of fitness of a certain person. The total times the heart beats per minute, evaluate the aerobic capacity of fitness. Once the body of a person is relaxed and at rest, people need to count the heartbeat rate felt for at least one minute. A lower resting heart rate signifies a stronger cardiovascular structure and higher aerobic level of fitness.

Brisk Walk (or 1-Mile Run)

This assessment indicates the cardiovascular fitness level. Using a measurable and flat route, a person needs to assess how long it takes to complete a full 1-mile run, or if a person has to, quickly walking. If a person does not get dizzy or winded, the person is in a better fitness condition; hence, the person must develop cardiovascular fitness. If possible, a person must have the ability to complete a run of 1 mile in less than 9 minutes.


You can do wide hands push-ups or diamond pushups as these are exercises that can fulfill the overall fitness needs of a person. It is also suitable for improving the endurance levels and upper strength of a person’s body. There are a lot of people that have difficulty in carrying out even one correct push-up. This could be a result of a previous injury, which means the arm muscles might need to be protected when performing this exercise by wearing one of the Amazing Elbow Sleeve for Sports that are available to fitness lovers. This regimen involves the abdominals, triceps, chest, shoulders, and even legs and an excellent way to gauge the upper body’s fitness. A person needs to assess how many push-ups he can do in one day; men must aim for at least 20 push-ups daily, whereas women need to aim at least 12 push-ups per day.

Wall Sit

This routine is utilized to evaluate the lower body, in addition to the endurance and strength of the legs. Sitting in an imaginary chair with the back of a person up against the wall for as long as the person can, is an excellent way to assess the fitness of the lower body and the endurance in the leg muscles. With the knees of the person at the right angle, the person needs to breathe while knowing how long they can remain in a certain position freely.


Fitness is a measure of how flexible the body of a certain person is. To evaluate the flexibility, a person needs to sit on a floor with the legs stretched out and attempt to touch and reach their toes. If the person is not able to touch their toes, then this indicates that the person is not fit. A lot of people are unable to be successful in this kind of routine. On the other hand, a person needs to develop this fitness area if the person is unable to reach the knees. Hence, flexibility is vital to a person’s overall health, so working on stretching daily boosts fitness. Having a personal trainer can aid well in managing similar fitness regimes that a person may not be always capable of doing themselves. Individuals can consider hiring reputed fitness trainers like Matt Hartsky of Transforming Strength ( who know what is best for their clients.


Similar to flexibility, balance is a significant aspect of having overall fitness. A certain person’s body health greatly depends upon being well-balanced, and the risks for having injuries such as broken bones due to falling drastically increases as a person ages. To gauge the level of fitness concerning balance, try standing with one foot only with the arms at the side for as long as a person can. It is best to carry out exercises that promote and focus on having a good balance to have better overall health and fitness.

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