Studies have shown that an adult human is composed of 60% of water. For example, the heart and brain have 73%. The lungs have 83%. The skin has 64%. Kidneys and muscles have 79%, according to experts. What happens when we are not hydrated? We may suffer from lethargy, dizziness, weakness in muscles, and dry mouth. If dehydration is severe or we lose around 15% of water in the body, we may have sunken eyes, low blood pressure, dry skin, delirium, fever, increased heart rate, and unconsciousness. Water is required for different bodily functions, certainly.

Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Good Flow of Oxygen Throughout the Body

Aside from the brain, skin, and kidneys, our blood also consists of water, estimated to be around 90%. One of the functions of blood is to deliver oxygen to different parts of our body. But when it lacks water, our blood will not work as it should be. Oxygen helps contract muscles, feed the brain, calm nerves, and repair cells.

Enough Lubrication in Joints

What tissue in our body keeps joint motion fluid and provides cushion to bones against impact? It is our cartilage. Like our other organs, cartilage needs water to function at its best. Long-term dehydration, however, can affect its shock-absorbing ability, causing joint pain and another discomfort. But with enough water intake, our joints stay lubricated and remain in top shape.

Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Apart from extreme fatigue, dehydration can affect our skin. It is more likely to get dry and itchy. The tone may start to look uneven. Fine lines and other signs of aging are more noticeable than your age. But dehydrated skin is easy to treat. There are many treatments like erbium laser resurfacing, co2 fractional laser, and similar ones that are available these days. In the event that you don’t want to opt for these treatments, all you need to do is stay hydrated every day. With enough water in the body, we would look younger with a fair and flawless complexion, also dermaceutic beauty products are a plus to improve the overall hydration of your skin.

Good Digestion

For our digestive system to work, water can play a significant role. It reduces our risk of suffering from an overly acidic stomach, constipation, stomach ulcers, and heartburn. Though the vast majority of problems can be overcome using products suited to your issue – Zantac 360 (check this helpful resource here) for heartburn relief, for example, you’d be surprised to know that something as simple as drinking water could also provide such relief from your particular ailment. However, it’s also beneficial to know that if you are one of those who cannot drink at least eight glasses of water, there are alternatives. Eating fruits is perfect. Good choices include watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and peaches. Aside from fruits, vegetables are also rich in water. Popular options are cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli.

Healthy Kidneys

Mild dehydration can cause exhaustion. Severe dehydration, however, can lead to kidney damage. Wastes start to build up. When left untreated for a long time, it can clog our kidneys with myoglobin, commonly referred to as muscle proteins. Patients may also experience urinary tract infections and kidney stones, causing severe damage. If you have trouble concentrating or sleeping, visit your physicians for a regular check-up.

Normal Blood Pressure

Dehydrated people have a higher risk of high blood pressure. When cells lack water, our pituitary gland secretes a chemical that causes the blood vessels to constrict. Without proper treatment, this chemical, called vasopressin, causes our blood pressure to skyrocket, resulting in hypertension. If you are not a fan of just water by itself you could potentially try health teas, that have the added benefits of being natural blood thinners and so may offer multiple health benefits whilst keeping you hydrated. Aside from drinking water, exercise can help bring back your normal blood pressure.

Increased Athletic Performance

Scientists say that more water intake may enhance performance during a workout. Recent research revealed that dehydration affects performance in any physical or strenuous exercise. Unfortunately, it requires further studies to prove such a claim.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is not impossible. Changing your lifestyle should be a top priority. If you have been working out and following a specific diet plan, do not forget to stay hydrated. Science proves that enough water in our system can lead to safe weight loss. It may help suppress appetite, make any physical activity effortless, and boost our metabolism. Plus, we can avoid consuming sodas, sweetened juices, and other unhealthy drinks.

Optimal Brain Function

Another health benefit of water is that it allows our brain to function at its best. It can improve concentration, balance mood, promote better sleep, avoid frequent headaches, and increase attention span. Before you feel sleepy and tired, get a glass of cold water. It is refreshing.

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