For a car enthusiast, the internet is one of the best resources. The internet contains numerous blogs written by car experts about the latest on cars. As a car enthusiast myself, I regularly visit blogs on the internet to learn about the best-rated models, car maintenance, car safety, or even check out classic vehicles. There are Perth car insurance blogs out there that can help people with keeping on top of maintenance needs, as well as inform them about other auto essentials. For the motor traders? Consider the i4mt blog.

The love for cars reaches far and wide. Generally, I love cars. I’m all about the looks, performance, and models of cars. I definitely want to make sure that my car is being serviced correctly and any and all repairs are being handled by a professional, whether I take it into an auto repair in Westminster garage or one closer to home, I need to know it’s being handled in the best way. Here are some of the best blogs I follow that I think every car enthusiast should also check out.

Green Car Reports

This blog has the latest information on green vehicles. It is the perfect blog for car enthusiasts interested in green cars. The blog contains information on clean driving and types of green cars. There are also extensive guides on how to operate green vehicles. I find car reviews in this blog very helpful since I like knowing the specific strengths and weaknesses of a car.

The Humble Mechanic

There is nothing better than learning from an expert. The writer of this blog is a Volkswagen mechanic who loves sharing his knowledge of cars. This blog focuses more on Volkswagen than other vehicle brands. It is the best blog to learn more about tools and car repairs, including things like dent removal and where you can get Chassis repairs in Auckland and other places. I use this blog to understand more about Volkswagen models. Volkswagen is among the best vehicles produced in Germany. I find their specifications intriguing. The blog also covers the specs and reviews of other brands. I trust this blog since the writer is a mechanic.

Good Car Bad Car

This blog contains complete data of some of the best vehicles in the world. I visit this site to satisfy my desire to see and learn about top cars. Car enthusiasts like visiting this blog to check vehicle prices and the best-selling automotive shops. This blog also provides us with reviews of many car brands. I always follow this blog to check out their list of the 12 good cars of the year. Good Car Bad Car covers everything that car enthusiasts may be interested in.

The Truth About Cars

This is the real deal blog for any car enthusiast. This blog regularly shares the latest news on automotive cars. This enables me to be always informed about any new trends and designs used on vehicles. There are also detailed reviews of vehicles. Car enthusiasts can learn about the performance and technologies available on a certain car. One of the things I enjoyed in this blog is the availability of podcasts. This makes it easy for me to gain information about cars when driving or performing any other activity.

Automotive Addicts

This blog is written specifically for car enthusiasts. The blog is filled with excellent reviews of almost all the best vehicles in the world. It is very difficult to miss a review of any car model on this blog. Car enthusiasts are also offered details of the head to head tests on cars. This helps me to understand the performance of certain vehicles. I especially enjoy reading information on enthusiasts’ meetups. Car enthusiasts always try to find the weaknesses of a car. This helps us as readers to capture a few problems and great features that the makers might have left out.


Jalopnik shares everything exciting about cars. This blog ensures everybody visiting the blog has a fun time. Car enthusiasts who visit Jalopnik are also given a chance to read about amazing road trips taken when testing vehicles’ performance. I like reading this blog since I always get the opportunity to view their gallery filled with some of the best cars in the world. This is the blog I use to learn details on new model cars.


This blog is constantly updated to make sure readers get the best and latest information on cars. It has complete details on vehicles on sale. Any car enthusiast looking to buy a car can search this blog before going on to buy one. Automotive lovers are sure to get the latest reviews and news on cars. The blog goes on to provide readers with details on repairs, car maintenance, gas prices, safety, and so much more.

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